for today’s manufacturing & industrial workplace.
Achieve your goals through machine or process specific training videos.

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Reduce Costs

Equipment downtime, maintenance and replacement costs can be staggering. Show your team how to properly use and troubleshoot today’s high tech manufacturing equipment.

Ensure Safety

Caution scenes and safety verbiage warn your team before a problem occurs on the workfloor. Keep your workforce safe and your company in compliance.

Improve Productivity

All your machine operators can receive expert video training. Help maximize output and consistently meet your production goals.

Demo Reel

Video Features

  • Professional, on location video footage
  • Background music
  • Professional voiceover
  • Your logo
  • Safety verbiage
  • Customized video introduction
  • Customized chapter/scene intros
  • Animated text and lower thirds
  • Animated transitions
  • Caution scenes
  • Variety of video output formats

Video Production Process

Scripting & Storyboarding

Working with you and SMEs to create an approved outline for filming and final release

On Location Filming

Capturing scenes of your machine and process with professional equipment and crew

Post Production

Editing the footage and adding you logo, titles, captions, music, voiceovers and more

Video Release

Distributing the approved video in formats that play on your desired media platforms

Client Story

When the same machines go down over and over again no one is happy. Production is halted, SMEs are brought in to diagnose and remedy the problem and costs can skyrocket. The cause of recurring machine issues is often preventable and can be due to a lack of comprehensive training. Targeted Training Video recently collaborated with Ford and SMEs to create a 3 part video series demonstrating the proper removal and installation of a mandrel from a Nagel Flex Honing Machine. This detailed step-by-step training is now mandatory for operators of those machines. Workers are empowered to avoid known situations that can cause machine malfunction or safety issues. Ford’s annual cost savings are estimated to be $50K-$60K.

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